The way you dress and present yourself speaks volumes about who you and your team are as people, and how you are perceived as a business.

Do your people look professional? Credible? Knowledgeable?

With two inspirational and transformational workshops to choose from, your company will benefit from Julie's three decades of experience with either a session offering an in-depth analysis of the positive synergy between individual style and corporate philosophy, or looking at the power of perception and how to make it work for you and your business.

  • Improve personal branding within your organisation
  • Reflect the correct image for your industry or business environment
  • Understand your audience and dress for business success
  • Unite the team and promote your brand through good grooming
  • Improve confidence in the workplace
  • Boost team morale and self-esteem
  • Drive sales and credibility
  • Take your people, and your business, to the next level
Prior to conducting a workshop, we will meet with you to discuss specific needs and issues in order to develop a tailor-made experience that will yield immediate and long-lasting results.

The JPcorporate team is available seven days a week and includes multilingual consultants who can deliver sessions in Arabic, Hindi and Tagalog.