My name is Julie Price and I am the founder of Jprice brand and the Just Jules Label. I have an image consultancy background and have worked one to one with women for the last 30 years.

I moved to the UAE in 2006 and found personal shopping to be the popular side of my business. Most of my clients were women like myself, 40 somethings, enjoying life but with the usual insecurities us women have at times. Here is what I found -
All shopping trips start with enthusiasm and excitement, however by lunchtime a pep talk is needed as little has been found suitable. I got saddened that most of my shopping days resulted in a therapy session trying to boost my clients flagging self esteem as the day progressed and our shopping baskets remained empty.

40+ is a difficult age these days. Back in the day you were encouraged to dress more conservatively - Not so much these days. We are encouraged to be, look and feel how we are. "40 is the new 30" is shouted from the media but the Just Jules woman is timeless. We don't want to be categorized by anything let alone age. We may be the "new 30 somethings" but the sad fact is, it's hard to find a wardrobe that works for us anymore.

Because it actually IS different for us now. We want to be comfortable but not dowdy We want to feel sexy but not slutty and we want to be stylish more than fashion forward. Plus we need to camouflage a couple of those areas that we're not entirely happy with.

We're smart, educated, Independent women, we know who we are and what we want. We're fun, exciting ....

1st I was sad, then I was p**** and then, I did something about it.

In comes the Just Jules Label - A range of clothing designed specially for us. It's beautifully crafted - because we know quality when we see it, it has the extra detailing that makes it special, it's achingly stylish, wonderfully comfortable, easy to wear, versatile and it fits, fits, fits, in all the right places. Even the youngsters are loving it!

JPrice is a lifestyle brand that gives a sense of freedom, optimism and discovery to all our clients. It is a source of Inspiration and absolute delight.