Another season, another look. So how do you go about piecing together your new wardrobe? What still works? What should you get rid of? What goes with what? And how come you’ve never got anything to wear?

We will cast a fresh trained eye over your entire wardrobe and will decide, with you, what you should keep, what should be put away and what should be thrown away entirely. An initial consultation will help us identify your lifestyle, the type of clothes you require for the job and activities you do. Once we have de-cluttered your wardrobe we will be able to see how we can put your clothes together and best fill any gaps that may have formed.

After a wardrobe edit with a trained stylist your wardrobe will start to work for you, every day and for every occasion.

Wardrobe Planning – 1995dhs
WP works best after an image consultation.
(based on an average wardrobe and 3-4hr edit. Prices will vary depending on wardrobe size)